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ABS122 21" Purple Cabin Trollycases

ABS122 21" Purple Cabin Trollycases

  • Model: ABS122 21" Purple Cabin Trollyca
  • Shipping Weight: 5.51lbs

ABS122 21" Cabin Light. Strong. Spacious - Purple

- Lightest weight case - pack more.
- The only bag you'll need to take for your trip.
- Superstrong & Durable.
- 360 spin-wheels. System Makes taking your case with you and changing direction effortless. It makes it highly manuevreable.
- IATA approved.
- Robust & Light Telescopic.
- Trolley System - Locks at Different Heights.

Dimension: 55x35x20cm
Volume: 32L
Weight: 2.50Kgs/5.51Lbs